15 Marketing Offers to Bring Exploding SALES

Marketing Offers to Explode Sales - 15 Marketing Offers to Bring Exploding SALES

Marketing offers can pique consumers’ interest. It might be that the customer is already interested in buying the product or service. But the ‘offer’ can turn that interest into a purchase.

The tactic of using marketing offers to boost your sales is effective if you use it well. There are other ways of boosting sales like discounting. However, you can’t always use that option. In fact, at times discounting can inflict damage to your brand’s reputation.

That brings to question – what kind of effective offers should you use?

This post will give you 15 marketing offers to explode your sales.

You’d be familiar with offers such as Buy 1 Get 1 Free, 40% off Today Only, Free Trial, and Money Back Guarantee etc.

If you want the consumer to make a purchase, you’ve to give him a reason to buy and it’s these offers that act as a trigger point in making the customers avail the offer.

A marketing offer should be:

  • Relevant to your target market, your product and even the season.
  • High value to your target market but relatively low expense to you
  • Irresistible. The best offers make it impossible to say no
  • Easy to respond to, because no one likes to jump through hoops
  • Maintains your brand image

15 Marketing Offers you can use for your business

Unconditional offers have no strings attached and are a great way to increase your leads. However, the leads generated are mostly unqualified leads.

1. Free Report

2.  Free Consultation

3. Free Trial (or Free Sample)

In Conditional offers, a person must do something before they receive the offer.

4.   Discount Offer: End of year sales, Closing sale, Introductory Specials.

5.  Bundle Offer: Buy 2 Get 1 Free

6.  Referral Offer: Refer a friend and receive a ….

7.  Deferred Offer: Buy now pay later

8.  Games Offer: Get your scratch card and WIN

9.  Gift Offer: Every purchase receives a …. Valued at $ ….

10.  Piggy Backing: Buy our product and get product from another business

11.  Contest Offer: Tell us in 25 words or less and WIN

12.  Rewards Offer: Earn loyalty points on every purchase

13.  Membership Offer: Join our members’ club for special offers, competitions

14.  Low-Cost Event: Get your ticket to an exclusive event/seminar

15.  No Risk Offer: Money back guarantee or a ‘no questions’ exchange

Make sure your marketing offer doesn’t cause any harm to the reputation of your brand or make your market position drop. The whole point of a marketing offer is to boost your sales temporarily without causing any long-term damage.

What is your opinion on discounting? Do you prefer it or not? What kind of offers do you use instead? Tell us what you think about marketing offers and share your insights.