Crazy Domains Review 2022: Learn Everything Before Sign up

With innovative cutting-edge services, the company takes pride in offering affordable web hosting solutions coupled with exceptional customer support. From crazy busy established businesses to startup owners and government bodies to Fortune 500 companies, you can easily get online with Crazy Domains hosting services- without even breaking your bank!

They have been operating since 2000 and their offices are almost all around the world. Their website suggests:

Our offices, support, and data centers are networked around the world including Australia, Europe, Asia, India, New Zealand, Middle East, as well as the United Kingdom and the United States.”

However, if you are planning to sign up for Crazy Domains to grow your business, the above information is probably not enough to move forward. Here we have outlined all the facts, pros, pricing plans, features, and everything in this Crazy Domains Review that can help you decide whether it’s the right choice for your website or not.

What is Crazy Domains?

With a 4.2 out of 5 scores of Crazy Domains, the company claims to be one of the most primary choices for web hosting. Owned by Dreamscape Networks headquartered in Australia, the business is centrally focused on evolving information technology industry.

The web hosting services cater to different startups, individual business owners, bloggers, established companies, and government bodies who need to strengthen their online presence. It’s the best alternative to one size that fits all, as it bundles together all the features, specs, and services the customers need to grow.

Quick Facts About Crazy Domains:

Hosting nameCrazy Domains
Price starts from$2.37 per month
Speed143 ms
Prominent featuresFree site builder, easy to use & learn
Money-back guarantees60 days
Customer supportVia chat, email, ticket, call.
Official website

What Services Do They Offer?

The company offers a wide array of products and services based on your requirements such as:

  • Domain name registration
  • The free website builder tool
  • Email hosting
  • SSL certificates
  • Dedicated servers
  • Online marketing services
  • Design time to design logos and website
  • Fax to email service

3 Good Things About Crazy Domains:

Well, there are lots of good things about Crazy Domains. If you have ever used the service, we bet you can easily count on your fingers. However, we really love three things about Crazy Domains that make them a superior service provider among all the hosting services.

  1. Best Speed:

Hate slow speeds and interrupted services? Well, that’s not the case with Crazy Domains.

The company offers Gigabit Network that allows faster data Transmission Rates in the network. It also has high-capacity bandwidths that uplinks to Tier 1 And Tier 2 Bandwidth which boosts national and international performance.

  1. Reliability:

Crazy Domains network is built with extreme credibility and reliability by keeping customers’ requirements in mind. You will find redundancy at every point.

Its core network is crafted with Cisco Routers as well as cutting-edge DELL Enterprise Servers. To achieve excellent performance, they use an industry-specific Load Balancing Network equipped with Cloud Data Relaying properties.

  1. Excellent services:

Unlike traditional domain hosting services, Crazy Domains service providers offer excellent customer support services and high-quality products. They have a team of experienced engineers and consultants who help you in every step. From start to end, you don’t have to worry about anything as the experts cover your needs the moment you get in touch.

Crazy Domains Hosting Plans:

Crazy Domains claims to be Australia’s fastest hosting solution equipped with blazing fast loading speed. Despite all the amazing qualities, the services do not offer expensive pricing. Have a look at their hosting plans to get clear ideas:

Crazy domains offer three hosting plans, WordPress hosting, Linux hosting, and Windows hosting.

WordPress Hosting Plans:

WordPress EconomyPremiumUltimate
3 months$14.67/mo$22.67/mo$35.33/mo
1 year$13.08/mo$19.92/mo$30.25/mo
2 years$11.71/mo$17.88/mo$26.79/mo
3 years$10.31/mo$16.50/mo$25.42/mo
10 years$7.55/mo$11.68/mo$16.48/mo

Linux Hosting Plans:

Linux Hosting EconomyPremiumUnlimited
1 year$10.33/mo$15.83/mo$24.08/mo
2 years$8.96/mo$14.46/mo$22.00/mo
3 years$8.58/mo$13.06/mo$19.92/mo
10 years$4.82/mo$8.93/mo$13.05/mo

Windows Hosting:

Windows Hosting EconomyPremiumUnlimited
1 year$15.83/mo$21.33/mo$29.58/mo
2 years$14.46/mo$19.25/mo$26.79/mo
3 years$13.06/mo$18.56/mo$24.72/mo
10 years$8.24/mo$13.05/mo$16.48/mo

Did You Know What’s Common in All the Plans?

All the hosting plans include:

  • Domains registrations
  • Website builder
  • DNS hosting
  • Online marketing solutions
  • Sitebeat
  • DDoS protection
  • Guaranteed support and uptime

Features You Can’t Miss!

Affordable pricing plans don’t mean that you have to compromise on some notable features. Crazy Domains offer value, excellence, remarkability, and everything with all services. Some important features we would love to highlight are:

  • Easy to use control panel:

Crazy Domains offer easy to use control panel that features different services with user-friendly FTP file access and have extensive programming features like Frontpage, optional .NET, and.ASP access, website statistics, MySQL and PHP, and spam protection.

  • Customer support:

The best thing about the service is, Crazy Domains is open 24/7. You can get assistance from their award-winning customer support team that is happy to help you even in the wee hours.

  • Driven by technology:

It’s no surprise that Crazy Domains offer high-quality services that are driven by the latest technology. With super amazing data centers functioning in all parts of the world and servers equipped with advanced security solutions, Crazy Domains ensures extreme stability, the fastest uptime, and ideal network speed.

  • Unbeatable value:

Crazy Domains is popular for its affordable pricing plans for startups and established companies. From online marketing to domain registrations, and website security to email services, no other hosting provider can beat Crazy Domains in its services.

  • 99.9% uptime:

There are hundreds of hosting providers that boast 99.9% uptime, but in reality, very few of the promises that much excellence. However, that’s not the case with Crazy Domains. You won’t experience any glitch or fall, as the services originally provide 99.9% uptime.

What’s More?

With thousands of happy customers in line, Crazy Domains is one of the leading service providers in Australia that are trusted by every organization and community. In case if someone is unhappy with their service, they took it under consideration and manage the issue as a high priority.

So overall results based on customer experience are:

Speed- 8.5/10
Performance- 9/10
Reliability- 8/10
Pricing- 10/10
Value- 9.5/10

If you want to give it a try, do not forget to check some other prominent features of Crazy Domains highlighted by Australian Web Hosting that offers more detailed insights about web hosting solutions for every business requirement.