OpenAI GPT-3 Demos, Examples, and Tools

After the recent release of the tool, there are lots of fascinating GPT-3 demos and examples shared online that are good enough to convince people that the AI threat is real and might risk the jobs of authors, writers, and developers due to its high standard performance and results.

Especially when it comes to answering questions and writing text through impressive predicting capabilities, many people are left astounded and shocked due to the results they obtained.

Let’s dig deeper and find some valuable GPT-3 demos, examples, and tools that are currently trending in the AI world.

A GPT-3 Overview:

GPT stands for Generative Pre-trained Transformer which is the most advanced AI tool developed by OpenAI co-founded by Elon Musk. This is a third-generation tool that helps you create automatic text, codes, questions, and much more. It’s especially useful in creating all kinds of content, knowledgebase, emails, landing pages, resumes, and much more.

GPT-3 Demos and Examples:

For the past few months, a lot of GPT-3 demos and examples are circulating all over the web explaining the importance and usability of GPT-3.

Let’s have a look at a few of the demos and examples that might help understand the functionality and performance of this AI-powered tool.

  1. GPT-3 as an Author:

Did you know GPT-3 is capable enough to generate text identical to a real human author? Unlike the text created by the predecessors in the past, GPT-3 model can create more genuine, natural-sounding, and believable text.

Have a look at this Poem by Ursula K. Le Guin created by GPT-3 tool.

(The first 3 bold lines are created by a real author and the other part is done by GPT-3)


“I’m half unseen,
to me, my skin
a screen to all within.

But for you, the light,
beyond the sight,
you feel me, in every pore.”


  1. GPT-3 Tool is also a Blogger:

OpenAI GPT-3 can also act as a blogger. The tool is equipped with some amazing unique features where we just need to seed it as “prompt” and based on that brief information, the GPT-3 can create a full-fledged article in words that are completely comprehensive, convincing, and compelling.

Here we have a below example of a blog post written by the GPT-3 tool explaining the importance of GPT-3 just like a human version.

So, there are lots of posts for GPT-3 to study and learn from. The forum also has many people I don’t like. I expect them to be disproportionately excited by the possibility of having a new poster that appears to be intelligent and relevant. I’ve been following the forum for years. There are many posts I know the answers to, so I could provide a quick response and measure how well GPT-3 does with comments similar to those I make.”

This is a small paragraph we have taken from here where the article is written by GPT-3 and not the author by himself. You would be surprised to read the confession at the end where the author confessed, he is not an original creator of the post.

  1. GPT-3 for Turing Test:

GPT- 3 is a natural language model that generates conversations just like human beings. It’s basically trained on a massive number of uncategorized information and text available on the internet.

In the below example of the Turing test, you can get idea about how GPT-3 tool works. You need to give a small amount of information and guess what next text it generates.

If you want the tool to answer your questions, you again need to seed it as a “prompt” and initialize your QA session.

Q- What is the general life expectancy of human beings?

  • The general life expectancy of human beings is 72.9 years.

Q- Who is the president of America?

  • Joe Biden is the president of America.

Q- What is Australia’s national currency?

  • The National currency of Australia is Australian Dollars.

You might be astounded to know that the entity answering these questions is not a human being on the other end, but an AI-powered tool GPT-3 that has already been fed by a lot of information.

  1. GPT-3 Tool as a Software Developer:

A point of concern for software developers. Because this smart tool is intelligent enough to generate codes of different languages. The GPT-3 model can be used in page generators that generate the overall layout of your page by analyzing your requirements.

A user tried it. You need to build a layout generator and describe all the elements of the layout you want; and after that, it will deliver a perfect JSX code.

GPT-3 tools that help create content with AI:

Here we have mentioned some important GPT-3 tools that help you create compelling content with artificial intelligence.

  • Writesonic – GPT-3 tool for creating blogs:

The highly efficient AI-powered tool that helps you create content for blogs, emails, social media posts, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, landing pages, product descriptions, and many more. The tool helps you create complete blog posts within seconds using an effective and convincing voice tone.

  • Headline- GPT-3 tools for creating landing pages:

If you want to craft an engaging sales copy or landing page for your website, this is the best tool to consider powered by AI technology. All you need to do is, explain your idea in 20 words, and the tool will do the rest. You can choose from thousands of colorful templates that best suit your page design.

  • ActiveChat – GPT-3 Chatbot:

This is basically a customer service automation tool that helps your customer support department automate their repetitive tasks with easy and understanding language. It keeps the support team improving their day-to-day tasks.

  • CopySmith – GPT-3 Writing Software Tool:

This AI-powered GPT-3 tool helps you create smart sales and marketing copy within seconds. it was developed by marketers and copywriters. You can create Google Ads, Instagram Ads, Facebook Ads, taglines, and much more.


After analyzing all the examples, demos, and tools, we can surely say that the tool is going to transform the world of artificial intelligence and may replace humans with AI-powered tools.

Although there must be drawbacks of these tools as well, we couldn’t foresee them until the tools get accessible for common people. Till then, if you want to bootstrap your business, the above tools and demos might help you do it efficiently and smartly.


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