How to Market Your Business with No Money

Market Your Business with No Money - How to Market Your Business with No Money

Be truthful what pops up in your mind when you hear “Marketing your business?

Its money, Money or thousands of dollars, which you think you, have to spend on your marketing plan.

Well, let me tell you, it is a great myth.

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Not all marketing strategies require a lot of money.

Today, small businesses and entrepreneurs are frustrated with marketing ideas that just do not work. They spend thousands of dollars on online marketing, print, business directories and none of those things are making them any money or getting them more customers.

Let’s face it, the world is going digital, and so are the businesses. There are thousands of start-up businesses around the world. According to studies, 12.2% of the Australian population is involved in a startup. There is so much competition lying around.

What you have to do?


If you are reading this article, you may want to start a small business or you have already started one. Well, either of two, you need to stick around because you are going to get beyond belief ideas to market your business without money.

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Let’s say, you want to build a personal brand and you have $0 in hand. Marketing sounds impossible. Right?

In the past decades, it was nearly impossible but now when we have entered the digital age, marketing has taken an easy shape.

But, before I dig into the nitty gritty details that how you can market your business with less or no money, I want to talk about different types of marketing.

If just want to have an insight on how to market your business, you can skip, but remember you have to understand a thing before doing that.

Types of Marketing

There are three types of marketing.
1. Growth
2. Product
3. Brand

Growth Marketing

Growth Marketing is one of the trendy words or buzzword these days. It mainly means that, attracting more engaged customers. If we consider marketing as a funnel so, traditional marketing focuses on the top and account-based marketing focus on the key accounts, while growth marketing focuses on the entire funnel.

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The growth marketer has to grow the customer base. They have to spread awareness about their product. The common channels include:
• Google Ads
• PR
• Growth hacking
Ask yourself, do you like fast-paced work where you are running through several tests to unlock growth?

If yes, then this type of marketing is appropriate for you. Personally, this type of marketing is my type. Learning new things, trial and testing is an amazing journey.

Product Marketing

Majorly product marketing means when you are targeting a product. You have to bring a product out to the market. Being a product marketer, you have to understand and market to customers.

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The marketers drive demand and usage of the product. This marketing deals with the inner minds of the customers.

They strive to get customers deeper to the funnel.

You can ask yourself, can you work cross-functionally? Are you better off with or without a team?

If you are the one believing on, “TEAMWORK, MAKES DREAM WORK” then yet this one is your pitch.

Band Marketing

It is basically a theory to make a strong brand. Devising marketing strategies in building up the brand name and in turn the company’s value is brand marketing.

Ask yourself, do you like to think abstractly? Are you creative in connecting with the feelings of others?

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If yes, get hold of this type of marketing. Make the pillars of your brand and then get hold of them.

Now let’s get forward with, how you can market your business.

But, before that let’s understand one thing.

Understand this; people do not buy because of logic. People buy because of emotions which they then justify with logic.

Think of something that you want to buy in your life, it could be a car, it could be a house, and it could be anything. I want you to ask yourself this question why do you want to buy it? Why do you want to buy a particular item? Why do you want to own that item?

I want you to take a little bit deeper if you pierce through the layers. I think you’ll realize you are buying emotions. Maybe you buy the item because of greed you want to make money, you want to save money, or maybe it’s because of generosity that by buying this item is going to help others.

Reason can be any one of these, but they often are emotional reasons. So, you buy because of the emotion which you justify with logic. So, think about when you’re selling something to somebody, are you just talking about features and benefits, what this thing would do for you or are you pushing those emotional hot buttons.



You can execute on these marketing techniques with less or no budget.
But, these things require a commitment to consistency and overtime will yield results. THEY ARE NOT MEANT TO WORK OVERNIGHT!!

Market into REAL WORLD:

However, this is a digital world, and I mentioned earlier that businesses are going digital, yet before you get hands on the digital world marketing you have to first approach people in the real world. You must have many contacts on your phone and email accounts. People you have built a personal relationship with, reach out to them. Build a foundation of your communication, face to face.

Use snowball communication and create a network of real-world contacts. You can also arrange free events where you can get potential clients. Make brochures describing your business and distribute it in your network contacts. Provide free services in the initial days and then ask for referrals from satisfied clients.

Your Website as a Marketing Hub

Creating a website requires some dollars. Your website is the inbound marketing strategy online. It is as, if you do not have a website, you do not have a real business. You can create marketing content on your website to advertise for your business.

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Graphics are more likely to be seen and understood by the majority of people. Use writing and graphics to target customers. Create marketing content that shows that you have a solution to the problems faced by customers.

1. Use email marketing and build an email list of your most engaged audience.

2. Use websites/blogs to discover by Search Engines like Google.

3. Use the website as a hub where clients can find out each and every information they need to make a buying decision.

Networking with Social Media Websites

Social media usage is on the explosion. Studies show that in the year 2019, the statistics fall as under:

i. The number of internet users is 4.388 billion

ii. The number of social media users is 3.484 billion

iii. Number of mobile phone users is 5.112 billion

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While you are denying your kids about Facebook, once they grow up, they will be on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. These social media channels are the strongest places to market your business with no money in hand. The groups or pages on these social media handles are the huge networking and marketing opportunities if you use it properly.

1. Build network relationships with new clients with groups and pages

2. Create a group existing of followers worldwide.

3. Use social media handles and hub to content and take orders as online shopping.

4. Add new product posts each day ideally or once a week at least.

5. Answer the comments on the posts and assist the clients ASAP.

Video Marketing

Physiology suggests that people tend to watch videos and images more than written content. Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world and so it needs to be considered and be your priority. Find a way to take full advantage of Youtube.

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1. Create an animation video with humor, related to your business.

2. Create a youtube channel and link it to your website and social media handles.

3. Distribute your videos to appropriate online communities.

Networking With LinkedIn

LinkedIn is not a platform, which you can ignore or underestimate. Professionals follow it. You have to design your LinkedIn profile in such a way that it is attractive. It is a content platform, which is a visual one.

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1. Connect your clients on LinkedIn.
2. Setup the LinkedIn business page
3. Offer recommendations to friends and colleagues.
4. Build a LinkedIn network and share the content of your business frequently.


You can market your business in many ways. Using the business marketing idea, which does not cost you, much is the key to flourish. You have to start from somewhere, and if you have budget constraints then your initial options are limited.

If you ever felt the money as the reason not to be marketing, you can leverage time and have these 5 methods on the count.

Market yourself with no money.