How to Rank in the 3 Pack of Google Maps?

Google maps pack

There are numerous ways to improve your search ranking on Google and gain stronger visibility on Google maps search results.

Depending on the strategy to execute, your business can be featured in Google maps pack. After being ranked on top, you can expect to get more sales, increased traffic, and maximum conversions.

Before proceeding with top Google Maps strategies, it’s important to understand some basics that can land your business on sought after positions in Google listings.

Google maps pack:

This is one of the most prominent positions in Google’s search results.

This is commonly recognized as “3 pack” or “local pack”. It’s a set of 3 highlighted and most prominent Google-Maps-based results that feature in high ranked businesses that are based on the elements that determine Google maps ranking.

There maybe 3 businesses featured in the local results, but sometimes you may view a sponsored result above the three organic results.

As you can see, when you type “SEO Adelaide”SEO Adelaide, Google provides details of each business ranked organically in Google maps. Google has highlighted the rank, history, summary, location, address, business hours and featured image on the right side.

You must be seeing that local maps has also displayed above some traditional text which makes it one of the most valuable searches about SEO services in Adelaide across all platforms.

Developing a killer Google Maps Pack strategy:

If you are a digital marketing professional, what strategy do you prefer to make a strong appearance in your Google Maps results which are according to your business?

What would you do to improve your local search ranking on the search engines, so that you can drive more conversions to your business location?

Here I have compiled a list of some popular Google Maps strategies that can help you rank quickly:

Use the actual brand name, and don’t stuff it with all the keywords or even with your city name.
Find out errors and inaccuracies in the business data and remove all the duplicate listings immediately.
Enter as many details as you can while entering the business details. The information must include your business name, map location, service area, phone number, category, URL, business hours and many more.
While creating a description for Google My Business, it’s better to write compelling and engaging one for quick ranking.
Stop adding address variations. Like if your location is “320 Marion Road Netley, Adelaide,” then it’s better to stick to the right spells, instead of writing only, “320, Mar. Rd, Adelaide”.
Also, use your local number and avoid using the toll-free number
Always choose some attractive and high-quality images to make your listing engaging and visually amazing.
The information on Google my business should be complete, accurate and updated.

Always remember that the listings which have been claimed and updated regularly, and have strong ratings and reviews are basically the ones that stay at the top of search and featured in Google Maps.

Ensure Correct Citations:

Do not be intimidated when it comes to citations. They simply refer the business name on the Web, also with some basic details of your brand, that includes with or without a backlink to the site.

Citations mainly include the business listings on City Search and Yellow Pages, Social platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and on Local search engines such as Yahoo Local, Bing, Yelp, Trip Advisor, Foursquare, and even some blogs which are associated with any particular geographic location.

Like a study conducted in 2016 supported the argument of building quality citations and analyzed how businesses can rank well in Local Packs. The study didn’t replicate google’s algorithm, but it has revealed an important finding that can help you create a more purposeful listing among your competitors.

It says, “To rank your business in Google maps, quality of citations matters a lot. They should be unique, clear and non-duplicative. When it comes to local search, citations are the key factors to improve search results, but do not help beat competition or improve keyword rankings.”

The study also states that reviews are directly correlated with high rankings. That’s the reason, generating more reviews is a powerful strategy in Google listing for marketers and business owners.

You know who loves Reviews? Google!

Reviews are one of the major ranking factors that help you rank quickly. Follow some important tips to gain more quality reviews:

Send an email invitation to people and ask them to rate and review your products and services.
Call the users and ask them to give a review of your product, but make sure you have permission first.
Never wait for too long to ask users for the reviews.
Consider the services of some good sites to help you gain better reviews.

Improve local search signals on your website:

If you are an SEO professional, you must have applied some basic on-page optimization tactics. But when you gain some better position with on-site SEO, it boosts the overall ranking automatically.

If you have to manage a single business location only, then it’s better to structure and expand the website to improve the local search signals.

Like, you need to make sure that your name, address, and number must be present at home and contact us pages.

It’s also good to add unique local content, like the unique description, business hours, about us, blogs, promotions, and information about staff, team, and everything.

Engage local community to boost ranking:

By applying right tricks and techniques, small businesses can even rank better in Google Maps than larger businesses, especially if they can sustain high levels of local community engagement.

Your business can make get strong recognition by connecting to relevant local business networks, partnering with non-competing businesses and different online communities; it’s also better to participate in fairs, events, fundraisers, and charities that can help your business get noticed immediately.

Such kind of improvements can increase the possibility of being mentioned by professionals and stakeholders, and you can even gain stronger citations.

And no doubt, community engagement can help you build some great local authority and also ensures that your online business can reflect the position where you are standing.

The above strategies are little overwhelming for the users who want to implement all at once without in-depth research, but when you apply them correctly, you can easily get you listed in Google 3- pack position.

If you need a helping hand, digitally up can offer the best services and recommendations to help get you started.