SE Ranking Review: A Better SEMrush Alternative

SE Ranking Review

SE Ranking Overview – Swiss Army Knife of SEO tools

SEO managers require different tools for monitoring, analyzing, and optimizing websites and pages. Quite often, they require multiple tools to complete several projects. So with that in mind, SE Ranking was created with the purpose that most valuable tools are included in a single software.

Some of the trademark features include backlink monitoring and keyword ranking with great accuracy. This article is an extensive review of SE Ranking to let you know what it is, how it functions, and the main features.

What is SE Ranking?

SE Ranking is a comprehensive software of SEO tools designed to help you make an effective digital marketing campaign. It provides all the essential tools in one single software and it costs less than its competitors.

SE Ranking Review

Setting up Your Project in SE Ranking

SE Ranking Review - Setting up Project
The first step in using SE Ranking requires you to set up your account:

1) Visit the SE Ranking website and signup for an account. This will let you access the dashboard where you can use the key features. Also, the dashboard enables you to monitor your site rankings in real-time.

2) You will need to add the site title, URL, and the search range to start tracking your site and to check different performance parameters.

3) Add and group different keywords that you want to track. You can also link with Google Analytics for an in-depth analysis.

4) The last and final step is to select the search engines that you would like to monitor the rankings on. You can select between Google, Google Mobile, Bing, Yahoo, Youtube, Yandex, and Yandex Mobile. Besides, if you are targeting a specific city or country, you can choose a particular location to monitor and analyze the keyword performance.

To demonstrate how SE Ranking operates, let’s look at its main features:

SE Ranking Main Features

Mobile and Desktop Ranking

SE Ranking Review - Mobile and Desktop Ranking
This feature enables you to accurately track daily keyword ranking for desktop and mobile results in Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Also, it tracks Google Maps. With SE Ranking, you can check your site’s search visibility score and unique insight such as traffic forecast.

This can help SEO managers fine-tune their SEO strategies.

Mobile and Desktop Ranking tool is linked to Google Analytics and Google Search Console so it is easy to analyze search queries that drive users to a website.

When you’re optimizing SEO, knowing why your competitor is doing better than you is important. This is where competitor analysis comes into the picture. SE Ranking enables you to add up to 5 competitors for competitor analysis.

Other information provided by this tool includes AdWords Suggestion bids, search volume, and Google results.

Comprehensive SEO Site Audit

SE Ranking Review - SEO Audit
This feature helps you accomplish different SEO tasks under one window. SE Ranking checks over 70 SEO parameters. It helps you identify technical SEO issues, SEO errors, and content-related issues that require your attention.

As a result, you can rectify the errors and improve the ranking of the site.

After you’re done with the analysis, you get the audit report in PDF format or have it emailed to you. The audit reports are professional and thorough.

Run Deep Keyword Research

SE Ranking Review - Keyword Research
If you’re uncertain with regards to which keywords to target and use in your digital marketing campaigns, the Keyword Suggestion tool will come in handy. This tool will help you identify the keywords which are low-competition but high in search volume.

You are only required to enter a preferred keyword or keyphrase in the tool search bar to generate suggestions. And you can select the location you want to target that keyword with.

When you start the search, a new window will open with similar keywords as well as long-tail keywords derived from the seed keyword. You can target those keywords that have high search volume with low difficulty. But make sure that the keywords you’re targeting are relevant to your website pages.

The long-tail keywords have low-competition so they should also be targeted.

Monitor website Page Changes

SE Ranking Review - Monitor Page Changes
This feature lets you track and check the changes that take place in your website and that of your competitor as well.

For instance, if your competitor has added new keywords or removed some links, you will be aware of it even before the changes are factored by Google and other search engines.

This is important for SEO experts who want to keep track of their competitors.

With SE Ranking, you have the luxury of setting the frequency of monitoring and the nature of alerts.

An Extensive SEO Marketing Plan

SE Ranking Review - SEO Plan
SE Ranking offers you comprehensive SEO software that will greatly help people working in the SEO field. It provides a structured guide with custom forms.

If you’re looking for the best SEO tools to optimize your SEO strategy, look no further than ‘SE Ranking’. Not only is it effective, but also easy on the pocket.

SE Ranking Score by Digitally Up

We have given SE Ranking a score of 4.7 out of 5. This is because of its easy-to-use interface, multiple valuable features, and cost-effectiveness. Most SEO experts prefer using one or two SEO software to do their tasks. My second favourite tool is AccuRanker (You can read the review here).

Wrapping It Up

SEO marketers know that their field requires competitiveness and efficiency to outsmart their rivals. To do this, you need the right tools. If you get your hands on SE Ranking, you will feel that you have a valuable set of SEO tools to maximize your gains.