SEMrush Review 2020: Get SEMrush 30 Days Free Trial Worth $99.95

SEMrush review - SEMrush Review 2020: Get SEMrush 30 Days Free Trial Worth $99.95

SEMrush Review

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I have been using SEMrush since January 2016. And, I must say that it’s been a great help for all of my SEO needs.

This review of SEMrush will find out how it measures up in terms of:

  • Domain analysis
  • Keyword research features
  • Rank tracking
  • Backlink analysis
  • Link building tools
  • Site auditing
  • Ease of use
  • Pricing and value for money

But let’s start with the basics.

What is SEMrush?

SEMrush is an SEO product that helps you optimize your website for search engines. It has a large user base (over 5 million users), and it is one of the best SEO tools available for SEO marketing.

SEMrush provides you a lot of data which you can use to either:

  • Create new web content that is likely to draw more traffic.
  • Find opportunities for creating backlinks.
  • Fine-tune technical aspects of SEO so that your website improves its search engine ranking.

For instance, SEMrush can provide you keyword suggestions (based on keywords you enter) so you can place those keywords in your blog posts or long-form content and get better ranking in search results.

Also, you would be able to check the difficulty of any keyword.

For backlinks, it will suggest you websites that are worth approaching.

In addition, an SEO audit will help to improve the technical side of SEO. This can enhance your search engine ranking.

There are many more features offered by SEMrush, so before further ado, let’s understand their pros and cons.

SEMrush Features

Domain Analysis

SEMrush provides an easy way to perform domain analysis of your website or of your competitors. On the left side, click on the ‘domain overview’ section, and simply enter the domain URL. You will see a number of metrics in the results such as authority score, organic search traffic, backlinks, and etc.

The traffic stats are not that accurate compared to Ahrefs. Though, it is still helpful to give you an indication of your website’s popularity.

The other metrics in SEMrush’s domain overview are very useful and beneficial in gaining valuable insights on your site and that of your competitors.

Particularly worthwhile to mention is the ‘competitive positioning map’ which lets you see at once, where a particular website fits into a specific market, and how it performs against its competitors.

Another worthy metric is ‘keywords by country’; this will let you know of keywords ranking in different countries of the world.

Overall, the domain overview section of SEMrush is effective. It provides you great insight into how a website is performing in terms of SEO.

Keyword Research

This is generally about:

  • Finding out how many users are searching for a specific keyword or phrase and knowing how difficult it is to rank for that keyword.
  • Finding out which website is already ranking for that keyword.
  • Providing you with a list of suggested keywords when you enter a particular keyword.

With SEMrush, it is simple to find all the above information. On the left side, click on ‘keyword overview’, and enter the keyword to see the results.

One of the most vital metrics in the keyword tool is the ‘keyword difficulty score’. SEMrush indicates this score by using percentages, the higher the percentage the more difficult it is to rank for that particular keyword.

To get keyword suggestions based on the keyword or phrase you’ve entered, use SEMrush’s ‘Keyword Magic’ tool. It is basically a keyword suggestions tool and provides you with a list of keywords that are related to the phrase or keyword you entered.

This tool will provide information about the keywords such as the number of searches per month, keyword difficulty, and cost per click.

As a whole, SEMrush provides all the key information when it comes to keyword research. However, a few improvements can be done. Firstly, the keyword research metrics are provided only for Google searches, but this is not a big deal as more than 90% of searches are conducted on Google.

The second improvement could be that SEMrush can indicate the number of backlinks you need to rank for a particular keyword. This function is provided by Ahrefs.

Rank Tracking

This feature helps you to track the rankings of keywords that your website is targeting. It is easy to get this done in SEMrush. Just go to ‘position tracking’ under the heading of rank tracking, and enter a domain name and the keyword or keywords you’d like to monitor.

You can also enter your competitor’s website data to compare how your site is performing for the chosen keywords against those of your competitors.

SEMrush will provide you regular email updates on your rank tracking progress. Overall, this is a great tool.

Backlink Analysis

How well a website performs in search engine results depends on the quality and quantity of backlinks it has.

SEMrush’s ‘backlink analytics tool allows you to enter a domain name and view the list of all the backlinks it has. You can also view the anchor text used for each backlink, the top-level domain distribution (.com, .org, .gov links, etc.), and the information on the IP addresses of backlinks.

Moreover, you can see when a domain has attained or lost backlinks, and see the strength of the links.

If we compare SEMrush’s backlink analysis tool with competitors such as Moz and Ahrefs, it performs better on websites with a smaller number of domains linking to them, but Moz performs better on sites with bigger backlink profiles.

However, the above results were taken from a small-scale test so it is difficult to draw firm conclusions from it. In short, this tool is on par with its competitors.

Backlink Audits

This feature finds out the ‘toxicity’ of backlinks pointing to your website. So if you go for a backlink audit, it will show you the backlinks that are spammy which you can then disavow.

This tool is very good at spotting poor or spammy links which can have a negative impact on your site’s search rankings.

SEO professionals will find this feature of SEMrush extremely useful.

Link building

One of the exceptional features of SEMrush is the ‘link building’ tool. It works by first identifying who your competitors are and what they’re ranking for. Secondly, it surveys the content on your website. And, lastly, it asks you the keywords you want to rank for and then providing a list of potential websites worth approaching for a backlink or guest posting.

Plus, there are other features too. You can connect your mailbox to SEMrush and send outreach emails from within the tool. You can then monitor the progress of each approach. You can also get email addresses for each website, and the option to save an outreach email (if you want to use it as a template).

All in all, SEMrush is ahead of its competitors when it comes to link building. This is comparatively their strongest suit.

Broken Link Building

Broken link building forms an important part of SEO strategy. It is the practice of building backlinks by replacing links to 404 pages with a working link to a target website.

SEMrush’s broken link-building feature is a bit complicated. You will need to do a full backlink audit on a competitor’s site, and then click a checkbox to identify URL errors. It is sophisticated because you can move any broken link into an outreach list which you can use to reach out to the domain owners.

This tool comes with the same ‘CRM-style’ features mentioned above, which makes this task less difficult than it could be.

Site Audit

This is one of the most useful features of SEMrush. There are many issues that can cause a negative effect on your search engine ranking. SEMrush looks out for such issues including slow-loading content, crawl errors, missing headers, duplicate content, and etc.

Particularly, the on-page SEO checker in SEMrush scans the whole website and suggests you for improvements for each page. The suggested improvements can be related to:

  • Which keywords to add
  • Improving meta descriptions
  • Steps you can take to make a page appear as a Google ‘featured snippet’
  • Length of content
  • Internal linking strategies
  • Which websites to reach out for backlinks

A good thing about this tool is that it not only gives you actionable suggestions but also tells you why you should act on it. With each suggestion there is a ‘why should I do this’ link, when you click on it, it will tell you the reason behind it. By simply reading these, you will learn more about SEO if you’re new to this field.

The site audit feature outshines similar offerings from competing tools.


SEMrush’s interface is similar to Moz and Ahrefs. There are lots of options and tools available which can be a bit overwhelming but once you start using it, it will be very easy to work it out.

You can interpret the data of most of the metrics easily.

However, there is room for improvement when it comes to using SEMrush on mobiles. A standard desktop interface is used which means small text so requires a lot of pinching and zooming.

On the positive side, there is a mobile app available from SEMrush, though, with limited functions.

In general, the interface of SEMrush is straight-forward and simple to understand.

Pricing and Value for Money

Compared to other SEO tools, SEMrush is expensive. But then you also get the opportunity to access huge quantities of data including competitor intelligence.

There are 3 pricing plans:

  • Pro: $99.95 per month
  • Guru: $199.95 per month
  • Business: $399.95 per month

The main differences between the above plans are:

  • The number of keywords you can track per month
  • The number of reports you can run per day
  • Access to historical data


To sum up, SEMrush is a powerful SEO tool that provides all the important data any SEO professional would need for a successful SEO project. Its exceptional features are link building and site auditing tools. The link building tool gives you an outstanding ‘CRM’ style method of creating backlinks. The site auditing tool provides you an easy way to improve technical and on-page SEO.

The main disadvantages are that all accounts only come with one user account and that the link building and site auditing tools can be used as a part of a ‘project’ (there are limits to the number of projects you can run simultaneously). The other downside is that some of the competitive intelligence features can only be unlocked through a $200 per month add-on (which includes ‘top pages’ information).

Overall, it is a very good SEO tool.

Alternative to SEMrush

A cheaper alternative to SEMrush is SE Ranking (which we have already reviewed) with almost the same functionality and features.

How to get SEMrush Pro Free Trial for 30 days’ worth $99.95?

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How to get SEMrush Free Trial of Guru account for 14 Days’ Worth $100?

Follow the below steps to avail this $100 worth limited offer:

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Step 3: Enter your payment billing information to grab the SEMrush Guru account free for 14 days after signing up.

That’s it! You can cancel anytime you want or you’ll be charged $199.95 a month if you continue using their Guru account.

Who should go for the SEMrush Guru account?

Confused as to either chose SEMrush Guru or Pro? Well, here are some reasons why you should choose the Guru account.

You’ll get exclusive access to Historical data: With SEMrush Guru account, you’ll not only get live analytical data but can explore all the SEMrush database archives, which go back as far as January 2012. So if you’re an agency or an SEO expert who wants to access historical data, the SEMrush Guru account is for you!

Access to multi-targeted tracking: Do you want to monitor your online activities and presence with precise targeting which includes multi-targeted tracking such as location, device, and language? SEMrush Guru account offers all of that! That means you can easily track any website’s search visibility across multiple devices and locations within a single campaign.

Extended limits: Obviously, you’ll get all the features from the SEMrush Pro account when you’re on SEMrush Guru. Besides that, you’ll get extended limits which include the following.

  • Schedule PDF Reports: 20 (including branded PDFs)
  • Projects: 50
  • Domain & Keyword Analytics: 30,000 results per report (which means 5000 reports per day)
  • Position Tracking: 1500 keywords (which are updated daily)
  • Site Audit: 300,000 pages per month
  • Social Media profiles: track 100 and you can post up to 30 social media profiles
  • On-Page SEO Checker: Where you’ll get recommendations for 800 keyword units per month
  • Domain & Keyword Analytics: 30,000 results per report (which means 5000 reports per day)

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