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You can 3x your leads and sales and steal all of Google’s traffic with a simple change to your SEO strategy. Our SEO packages are designed to skyrocket your online visibility, website traffic and put you notches above your competitors. We aim to put you on top of search engines AND keep you there no matter what it takes.


Taking the top position on the search engines means you get the biggest piece in the traffic pie. Our SEO packages focus on helping your business become indestructible, crushing the competition, and making you the undisputed leader in your industry. All in all, getting you crazy traffic, leads and sales month after month.


What if you made $3 for every $1 you spent? Our SEO action plans specialize in tripling your returns for every investment you make. We value your hard-earned cash and never let it go down the drain. Our team of experts is constantly testing new methods to ratchet up your conversion rates and double your profits.


Want to win your audience? Learn to read their minds…Understanding your audience is much more nuanced than putting them in boxes. It’s about reading between the lines, talking to them, hearing their concerns, and responding to their unsaid pleas. This is why the team at Digitally Up spares no expense when it comes to understanding the Australian audience and winning them over!


There are no lock-in contracts that trap clients for years or hidden charges or agendas. No part of our working process is a national level secret. We commit ourselves to working with 100% transparency and all our clients have access to a 24/7 live report that’s updating the numbers by the minute. You get a say in everything and walk with us, every step of the way!


Content marketing is a big part of our strategy. Google loves well-researched, tightly written, quality content and we do too! Our team of veteran content curators and copywriters ensures your content is well-optimized for SEO, lead capture and conversion, written to perfection, and notches ahead of the competition.

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The most powerful fixed price SEO packages available today! Designed to skyrocket you to the top of Google. No lock-in contracts.

Digitally Up offers the best-budget SEO packages in town. Our SEO Services are designed to skyrocket your traffic, revenue and seat you on top of Google in just 90 days! 

No Lock-in contracts. 

No Hidden Charges.

A 100% Transparent & Secure Process. 

Cancel Anytime.

All our plans come with a 14-day money back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with our service you can cancel at any points within the first two weeks and we’ll give you a full refund.

Starter SEO Package
The Starter SEO package is great for medium to high competition niches targeting all suburbs across 1 region.
20-40 Keywords tracked
Website optimisation (Full Site)
Link building (20 Links Per Month)
Content creation (2 Articles Per Month)
On Site SEO (Upto 15 Pages)
Directory submission (20+ Citations)
1 hr SEO consulting
Monthly activity highlights
Monthly SEO reports
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SEO Plus Package
This is our most SEO popular package, targeting higher competition niches in suburbs across 1-2 regions.
40-60 Keywords tracked
Website optimisation (Full Site)
Link building (30 Links Per Month)
Content creation (3 Articles Per Month)
On Site SEO (Upto 25 Pages)
Directory submission (30+ Citations)
2 hrs SEO consulting
Monthly activity highlights
Monthly SEO reports
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SEO Pro Package
The Pro SEO package is for accelerated growth in high competition niches targeting 1-4 regions.
60-100 Keywords tracked
Website optimisation (Full Site)
Link building (50 Links Per Month)
Content creation (5 Articles Per Month)
On Site SEO (Upto 100 Pages)
Directory submission (50+ Citations)
2 hrs SEO consulting
Monthly activity highlights
Monthly SEO reports
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Here’s How The Process Works

We keep things simple and do 100% of the work.

1. Choose your package

You choose a package that suits your needs best from the menu. If you’re still unsure or confused regarding which package is ideal, you can always give us a call or shoot us an email. The sign up is simple. You pay the price mentioned on the package (we offer payment options like credit/debit cards, paypal and stripe) and voila! We’re working together. The next step is to wait to receive a call or email from us for confirmation and further details. Don’t worry, this doesn’t take any time.

2. Tell Us What You Want

Even if we’re dealing with SEO, every business has a different requirement. Whether it is boosting product sales by ranking for certain keywords or reducing your site’s bounce rate. Once you’ve signed up for a package we do a thorough research on your business and discuss your requirements. Then we ask you for some specific information: your exact goal, the keywords you want to rank for, your domain name and other business details. Don’t worry. It’s a simple process. After you make the purchase, we send you detailed instructions. All you have to do is download the file, fill in the required fields and send it back to us. We take it from there.

3. We Take Over

Once we are done with the above-mentioned steps, your work finishes, and our begins. The moment we are done with everything, we will notify you via email.

Once you’ve given us the information we need, we send you a confirmation via email and get to work! 

P.S. Remember that SEO is about steady and consistent growth. The results take time to show up so be patient. If you have any query regarding the time, our methods, or the results at any point in the process, feel free to contact us.

SEO Action Report

Your custom SEO action report will give you an action plan to improve to your website search engine optimisation and grow your website traffic with step by step instructions. This report covers website speed, keyword usage, meta tags, image optimisation, code issues, mobile responsiveness, backlinks and more!



Read on to find out how we helped some of our clients take the top spot on Google rankings.

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Auto dialer software for outbound call center


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VT Dialer
starts testimonials icon - SEO Packages Australia

Thanks to Digitally Up team we’re now outranking all our competitors in the internet space and the leads have gone through the roof. Keep working your magic!



CHALLENGE: VT Dialer is a USA based software company. In March 2019, the company approached us to help them with SEO. At the time, their online presence was nonexistent and they were contending in a highly competitive internet market space for target keywords with high difficulty scores. Today VT Dialer ranks for majority of its keywords on Google’s first page.  

ACTION PLAN: With VT Dialer, we began at the drawing board. Our first course of action was to conduct a thorough site audit and clean up the existing site. Once that was done, we improved the site’s structure and speed, optimized it for on-site and off-site, and built powerful backlinks that skyrocketed VT Dialer’s online authority and position. 

OUTCOME:: Six months and VT Dialer had outranked its competitors, was ranking for the majority of its target keywords on the first page of Google, and was receiving a massive influx of traffic, leads and sales as a result.

Organic Keyword Growth

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Increase in
Organic Traffic


Increase in
Online Leads


The 4 Essential Strategies For SEO Success in 2019

Go Beyond Website Optimisation

Yes, having a google optimised site with targeted keywords is crucial to achieving a high rank, but that’s one half of the story. What your website really needs to do is satisfy the search queries of your visitors and convert them into customers that would bring in actual dollars to the bank. 

We don’t merely satisfy ourselves with an SEO audit of your website, we adopt a more hands-on approach and dive deep into optimisation and conversion throughout the campaign.

Quality Website Links

A link we take from another website, called a backlink, is like a vote of trust for google to push your ranking upward. But not all links are created equal. Links taken from the local or relevant industry and high authority websites are the best ones to signal to Google that we’re legitimate and pack solid authority. 

From getting you listings in Google map and top Australian directories to getting you featured on niche websites most of your customers are visiting, our focus is on packing you with backlink clout and increasing your authority with Google.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is all about the creation and distribution of high-value content. this type of content is necessary to attract customers and repeat visitors through marketing channels such as email marketing and social media platforms.

Our creative writing team has the talent to come up with high-level blog content, articles and visually engaging infographics that would inform, educate and attract prospects to your websites in no time. Building up a number of quality pages is great for increasing search ranking while attracting links from other websites and providing valuable content for sharing on social media platforms.

Social Media and Super Fans

In recent times, social media has become an increasingly important signal for search rankings. Think of a good website with nobody to share its content?

We determine strong band signals for our clients on the top web 2.0 and social media sites. All of the content prepared by our team would be shared on your branded and industry-related accounts in the network, ensuring you build a massive following on all authority sites.

10X your ROI with Search Engine Optimisation

... increase your revenue with Digitally Up

SEO rules the marketing rooster when it comes to getting a return on your investments. What exactly do we mean when we talk about ROI for SEO? Here’s an example: 

You publish a few apps and widgets and price them at $250 each. Now you need to market them so you spend an estimated $1000 on an SEO campaign to get more leads. The campaign works and now you’re getting 1000 monthly visitors on your site. With 1000 visitors, if you can get just 2% of them to buy, you’re making 5000 dollars a month. That’s an insane 400% return on your investment. 

SEO Agency Adelaide - SEO Packages Australia
SEO Agency Adelaide - SEO Packages Australia

The ROI of Search Engine Optimisation

...increase your revenue with Digitally Up

What would be the ROI of search engine optimization? This is a question that might pop up in your head, but we have all the answers. ROI studies and marketing reports have displayed the graph going nowhere but up when taking SEO into consideration. SEO has shown to generate a much higher average of ROI as compared to online ads, direct mail, TV or newspaper advertising, newspaper and Tv ads, and trade shows.

Let’s take a quick look at an example. Imagine you are selling apps and widgets, for 250 dollars each. After a month-long SEO campaign that cost 1000 dollars. Your website is getting about 1000 monthly visitors. If only two percent of your boosted visitors buy your product, that’s 5000 dollars, that would be a total of 400 percent return on your investment.

Website Audit for SEO - SEO Packages Australia

Local SEO and Local Area Marketing Experts

…get on top of your competitors and become a household name

Here’s why local SEO is an under-rated goldmine through and through. 

Local SEO searches face lower competition in comparison to broader, location-independent searches. 

This means keywords take less time to rank. Plus, if you know the right techniques, local SEO can explode your sales through the roof and bring you enough customers to last a lifetime. 

With features like Google Maps, Google My Business, and local packs, local SEO allows you to rank in ultra-high competitive niches and boost your rank by focusing on different things. The feature also comes in handy if you want to rank for a particular region in a city or town. 

This is particularly beneficial to business owners/service providers who are competing in highly-competitive niches and are location dependent. Why? Because, ranking in all of Australia or Adelaide may be harder, but becoming the no.1 restaurant or salon in North Brighton or Kensington IS EASILY DOABLE. 

A good SEO company knows local SEO is a big part of your SEO design and strategy. Our SEO packages ensure your business’ global AND LOCAL domination. 

Our team of local SEO experts ensure location-based results. Whether it’s Adelaide, Perth, Sydney or Canberra, we’ll deliver the results you need! Every time.

Frequently asked questions

To help you make the most-informed decision, here are common questions customers ask us.

Am I locked into an SEO contract?

No. While we do prefer getting into a contract since SEO is a long-term commitment and the results take time, you’re not on a legal lock-down. This means you have the freedom to upgrade, downgrade or altogether cancel the contract whenever you want.

How many keywords are included?

We offer you a select range of keywords depending on the SEO package you choose. Having said that, if we there are other related keywords that we can track to improve your overall rank and authority, we waste no time bringing them in the loop.

How long does SEO take?

SEO is NOT a short-term commitment. And the greater the competition, the more time it usually takes. However we GUARANTEE our clients results within the first 90 days. This means our clients start seeing ranking improvements within the first three months. Our aim is to 3x your ROI and bring you the full range of results within the first three quarters of the year.

What do I get in SEO reports?

At the start of each month we’ll send you an easy to understand SEO report covering all the important metrics so you can gauge the campaign’s progress month after month. From key performance-indicating metrics like conversion, website traffic, top pages, keyword ranking to monthly highlights like new blogs, website content or any high value links we’ve acquired for your business.

Why Should I choose Digitally Up?

How do you know a strategy doesn’t work? Because you’ve tested it… SEO is a part research and part experience game. And here at Digitally Up, we take both seriously. Over the years we’ve poured hundreds of thousands of dollars in testing new methods to double, triple your ROI, bring 2x leads, sales and cut the time it takes to rank your websites in half. In short, we work with proof-backed strategies that are GUARANTEED to bring you results and take you to the top. And our R&D department is constantly testing new conversion methods so we can ensure we keep you notches ahead of the competition. Always. 

Having said that, our team of SEO veterans are some of the most experienced and passionate people in the field. With decades of experience backing them, they’ve pioneered some of the most cutting-edge and revolutionary SEO techniques and know how to bring you the results you need every time.

How fast can you get results for me?

We guarantee improved rankings in the first 90 days of our campaign. Having said that, results also depend on the amount of competition and how difficult it is to rank your keywords. Even in the toughest of domains, most of our clients find their targeted keywords on the first page of Google and ranking at the top within the first 6-9 months.

How should I choose an SEO package?

We have different SEO packages based on how competitive your niche is, your growth rate and what results you expect. If you can’t select a package on your own or need any additional information, please get in touch with us and we’ll streamline the process for you.