SEO PowerSuite Review

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What is SEO PowerSuite?

It is a one-stop SEO software that includes four apps – Rank Tracker, SEO Spyglass, Link Assistant, and Website Auditor. This package of four top-notch SEO tools covers a wide range of on-page and off-page optimization tasks to assist you in achieving top search engine rankings and see your traffic and sales boost.


  1. It is a complete SEO solution that has no limits on website audit, backlink and keyword research, projects handled and links managed.
  2. The software is cross-platform compatible and syncs seamlessly.
  3. One-time payment, unlike other SEO tools.
  4. Customizable white-label reports.
  5. 30-day money-back guarantee for Professional and Enterprise editions.
  6. It has a great TF-IDF feature for semantic SEO.


  1. It can only be used on a desktop/laptop.
  2. It doesn’t support compiling the reports from all the four tools into a single comprehensive report (an insignificant thing).

Now, let’s review the four applications of SEO PowerSuite.

1. Rank Tracker

This is an advanced rank monitoring tool with some great features. It tracks and monitors your keywords ranking in over 400 international and local search engines. Rank Tracker has a geo-targeted search so you can check and monitor rankings of your keywords in different countries.

This tool also allows you to track your competitors’ SERP rankings, and compare them to yours. It keeps the ranking history of each keyword and monitors rankings on auto-pilot. Therefore, making your job that much easier.

There are other benefits of using Rank Tracker such as finding the right keywords to optimize your website for. You will also get to know which keywords are driving the most number of visitors to your website.

Lastly, Rank tracker enables you to analyze PPC data fetched from Google Adwords Tool. This is quite handy as your PPC and SEO efforts will work together to make the best marketing campaign.


2. Website Auditor

Performing a site audit is important. Website Auditor diagnoses and enables you to fix all on-page SEO errors, and by doing so, you can optimize your site.

It not only finds the errors, but also gives an explanation as to why it is important to correct them, and ‘how you can rectify them’. It is super effective.

With Website Auditor, you can analyze your top competitors’ on-page optimization techniques, and on that basis develop an effective on-page SEO strategy to beat them.

Website Auditor will save your time as well. You can optimize the meta title and meta description within the application. Isn’t that great?

By using this application, you will not miss out on any aspect of on-site optimization.

Optimizing your website was never this easy – all thanks to this great application, which is easy-to-use, and fast as well. I have no hesitation in saying that it ticks all the boxes.

3. SEO SpyGlass

This is a powerful link checking and competition research tool. You can use it to check your own backlinks, and look out for new link sources.

SEO SpyGlass allows you to compare your site’s backlinks with other competitors.

The tool collects backlink data from over 160 international and local search engines and each link is analyzed against 40+ important SEO metrics such as Domain age, Alexa Rank, Link Value, etc.


4. LinkAssistant

Quality backlinks are hard to get. LinkAssistant makes it easy for you by pulling up a huge list of the sites in your niche. You can then easily build links from that list.

This tool allows you to find a great number of high-quality link sources by using various search mechanisms such as: finding sites that already link to you, finding sites that link to your competitors, finding sites by keyword search, and other means.

LinkAssistant can help you mine top quality backlinks by its ‘look for prospects’ option. It can fetch out the email addresses of the best prospects.

In short, this application can help you tremendously in powering your site by gaining quality backlinks.

Why Choose SEO PowerSuite?

It is all-in-one powerful SEO software that will make your SEO tasks easier. With SEO PowerSuite, you have all the tools to create an effective and winning SEO strategy. The one-time payment, variety of features and tools with detailed instructions, and the value for money (especially with the christmas 75% crazy sale) makes SEO PowerSuite a perfect choice for all your SEO needs.