Website Design Trends Which Should Expire Soon

web design trends - Website Design Trends Which Should Expire Soon

On average people spend 0.5 seconds on your website before they form an opinion.

Surprising. Right?

Well, for me it is truly mind-boggling.

Can you even imagine how much less time do you have to attract visitors?

Well, the first thing they will see is the website design. It should be so much appealing that it has a positive impact on the visitor’s mind.

Where the bad design can happen to good web pages, make sure that your web design should be helpful to create an amazing user experience.

Maybe you have created amazing content, with engaging lines, but your website design is not user-friendly, then the visitors will move out of your website.

There are many website design trends, which must expire soon.

Talking about trends, let’s dig right in to jot down the tired trends of website design.


I know you would be astonished to see this name pop up on the list. Well, I agree sliders are important, but let face it, sliders aren’t working for you they work against you. When you a marketing company you want to direct your viewer’s to the solution of their pain points.

Where the sliders distract the viewers will many images.

Yes, all your content is connected and relevant, but you have to target your audience to the main value proposition.

Well, consider this you have opened up a website and what you see is the slider. You can’t see the information on the page. You can’t figure out whether your problem will be solved by the page or not.

Ask yourself, will you stay on the website or leave the website?

If you ask me, I will leave the website.

This is what sliders can do.

Moreover, if you are visiting the website through mobile phones than the speed of browsing will slow down, leading to non-friendly user experience.

Does this sound good to you? Well, it would not.

Remember it only takes 3 seconds of load time to lose your visitors.

The website is a ghost town with, sliders and slow speed.


Have you ever visited a website with pop-ups, like when you get to the website, the pop up of offers regarding subscriptions and sales show up?

Well, this is not a bad practice, if you don’t hijack the user experience. If the box pops and doesn’t close until the user fills up the form, then that’s the problem.

Auto-play videos

Analyze your goal. Here’s a thing, no one wants to be trapped by the video or audio. Don’t drive them away with it. It might be possible that with a sudden noise, visitors would just leave the page rather than switching it off.  You have to give the option to viewers to watch the video or not.

Mobile-only Website

If you have a website, which is responsive and has a smart design, then Google will give you a better rank and prefer you on the unresponsive website.

If you create a separate mobile-only site, then Google will penalize you because of duplicate content.

This also doesn’t give you a higher user experience. As the website, confuse the user.

Skeuomorphic design

It sounds like some medical condition. Right?

Well, it’s not.

It is the principle of design, which makes the digital images look lifelike.

But with Skeuomorphism design can’t deal with high complexity.

Your creativity is limited, as the designs are created with specific proportions scalability is hard to reach.

Skeuomorphic has the drawback of user experience.

Web designing is a tricky thing to do, but if done correctly it can improve the user experience.  When it comes to web designing, anything you design, you must keep your visitors on your mind. Make sure that your design improves the overall user experience.

Remember the overall goal of your website can go towards it.