What is GPT-3? Definition, Uses, Benefits, and Much more

Developed by Elon Musk’s non-profit research business organization OpenAI, GPT-3 is the largest neural network built with more than 175 billion machine learning parameters, which makes it relatively a better model that produces a convincing human language natural text.

To put it simply for non-techy readers, GPT-3 is going to be one of the most useful advancements in artificial intelligence that can perform intricate tasks more like a human. Not to mention, it will be powerful and bigger than its predecessors GPT-1 and GPT-2.

Let’s talk more about what is GPT-3, how it works, what are its benefits, and what makes it powerful among others.

What is GPT-3? An Introduction:

GPT-3 stands for Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3. This third version of the AI tool which is yet to be released utilizes a deep learning model that replicates human writing through texts.

It can generate text with the help of newly built algorithms that are already well-versed and trained as they have been fed all the important data which is important to carry out the job perfectly.

The tool is efficient enough to create text-based on how human beings would generate it in a coherent way. For example, you are writing an informative article on IT, and you may notice that it still needs some more information to make it compelling for readers. So, instead of conducting research, you can simply head over to GPT-3 which is capable enough to generate more valuable text based on your article’s context.

It has been predicted that the algorithms have been fed more than 570GB of text information which was collected by crawling the internet and with different texts gathered by OpenAI itself as well as the information of Wikipedia.

How does GPT-3 work?

GPT-3 is basically a smart language prediction model that is useful for creating automatic texts just like a human would do. In short, this model is more like an algorithmic structure. It is particularly maintained and designed to analyze one piece of information (input) and then transform (output) it into the most useful piece that seems more relevant for the users.

Thanks to the most efficient training methodology, it can generate text based on its ‘pre-trained’ system that generates a huge amount of text based on the data already been fed.

When you enter any text input to GPT-3, it intelligently analyzes your language and utilizes its text predictor system so it can easily craft the most useful output or result. Without any extensive additional training, GPT-3 is designed to create fine, high-quality, and compelling text that exactly looks like a naturally created human version.

What can GPT-3 do?

The GPT-3 can ultimately increase the performance and efficiency of every small and large business. It can be used in wide applications. From part of your marketing strategy to generating an effective sales pitch and creating compelling emails, GPT-3 is useful in all regards.

  • Social media content:

GPT-3 is capable to create engaging social media posts just like a human version. It helps you post the same content you want but in a different language. If you want to avoid repetitiveness and deliver a message with a more effective tone, then GPT-3 can be a good alternative as it helps you create content with little adjustments and modifications to avoid repetitiveness.

  • Blog’s content:

Whether you want to save time on creating a compelling blog post or just want to save the costs of hiring a writer for your blog, GPT-3 can be a brilliant tool to utilize which can help you create a stunning piece of information that reflects your message. You can also decide the approach you want it to use. For example, you can choose whether the content should be generic, strategic, or technical.

  • Landing pages:

The ability to create powerful landing pages that promote your products and services is another element of this AI-driven tool. You can streamline your website content with the help of GPT-3 as it helps you build a solid landing page. A website owner can get an idea about how the content should look like and what elements need more improvement.

Benefits of GPT-3:

GPT-3 is remarkably brilliant and intelligent. It is 10x larger than all the previous languages AI has created so far. It is a well-trained model and has a great edge over others due to its ability to perform tasks without any extensive tuning.

All you need to do is, provide a small textual-interactional demo, and the rest will be handled.

Have a look at some more benefits it offers:

  • Create inquisitive news articles with just a title
  • Translate all the common languages
  • Answer complex questions including trivial puzzles and riddles
  • Story creation with smart endings like human versions
  • GPT- 3 tools can answer any question
  • Summarize your long text
  • Create essays, poetry, and much more
  • Generate a complex computer code
  • Predict the last words of your text easily through contextual recognition

What makes it different from GPT-2?

GPT-2 was released first in February 2019 by OpenAI. It uses 40GB of text and predicts different words that are closer to the information gathered by algorithms. It further produces artificial text and it’s built from 1.5 billion parameters.

On the other hand, GPT-3 is built with 175 billion parameters which are trained on 45TB on text. Well, it’s also tailored from its predecessors, but it has a lot of improvements that make the model superior to others. It also features reversible tokenization and adjustable initialization.


It can be fairly concluded that GPT-3 is going to make rapid progress quickly and more smartly in the future. If you have ever seen the results of any AI language, you must predict that how GPT-3 can be a great step forward for any business. OpenAI is still looking for different applications of this new business model so it can help accomplish several challenges that we may encounter in the future.

When you see it commonly used by the public and will be accessible to everyone, the performance of this AI tool will become more incredible, clear, and impressive.


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