What is Meme Marketing & How You Can Use Them?

Meme Marketing 1 - What is Meme Marketing & How You Can Use Them?

Writing about the topic that is on the boom and loved by everyone is an amazing feeling.

Talking about memes is hilarious, even thinking about them gives a loud laugh.

If you have opened up the article, the title must have attracted you, that how meme and marketing can be linked.

So, stick around we will be discussing it in this article.

Unbelievably, whenever we all go through our news feeds it is flooded with memes. It is hard to imagine our digital lives without memes.

You will agree that memes are part of life, which gives us a smile.

Memes have replaced great novels as classic artform literary wise in a society today.

Social media is bombarded with all kinds of pictures, with witty phrases and all sorts of movie references, pop-culture references, and political references. We see them every single day of our lives. Memes are at the way we communicate now.

Many times people don’t even express an original thought, they just pass along these memes to explain how they feel and express what they’re thinking.


Sounds unusual, right??

Wait What Meme in Marketing - What is Meme Marketing & How You Can Use Them?

Well, it is, but let’s understand how they are better together.

On average 3.5 billion people use the internet worldwide, this makes 45% of the total world population these are statistics of 2016. In 2018, rough estimates tell that the count has increased to 4.1 billion.

It is difficult to wrap your minds around these figures. Right??

Think about how this could be a good way for a business to market. It’s obviously a very good way to get to people.

It’s difficult to market. Therefore, marketers are left to find methods that embrace humor, new social media platforms, and ever-evolving internet culture.

What are memes?

Memes are the phenomenon which begun as the fun cartoons, it was created to give a good laugh. From millennials to middle added moms, to public figures, everyone loves memes, or hate them. However, memes are here to stay.

what is a meme - What is Meme Marketing & How You Can Use Them?

The term “meme” has many different applications, from goofy cat photos to an image with text. However, Richard Dawkins coined the term, it described the cultural idea or trend that circulates and grows in popularity.

Memes and Marketing

According to google trends memes are becoming more popular research than “Jesus.”

The people consume content drastically over the last couple of years.

Did you know, millennials spend over 200 minutes online every day?

This gives marketers plenty of opportunities to engage people.

People are constantly bombarded with forceful marketing messages.

The visual representation of humor content catches their attention. Studies show that visual content attracts humans more.

The visual content increases the brand association, brand awareness, engagement and overall aesthetic of your website, articles and social media pages.

Memes are the universal language that all social media users understand.

Well, it mainly depends on your target market, but maximum people get the message through memes.

The modern marketers have to be smarter about the content, which is being published on social media. Tailor the content, which best suits, your audience, and platform. This ensures that you will achieve the desired results sooner. Less promotional messages, more humor.

This is when memes come into play.

You can spice up your marketing with memes.

Why use Memes in Marketing?

Ask yourself, the world is a dark dark place right? You will never remember when was the last time you cried or got upset because it is almost every day.

But you will remember what made you laugh loud, last. Happiness enlightens the soul. So, does it to marketing. Linking humor with your marketing will draw more sharing and more clients.

The brands are taking advantage of meme culture on social media, this connects the feeling of a laugh. Creating catchy content and keeping the fingers crossed to get it viral.

why use memes in marketing - What is Meme Marketing & How You Can Use Them?

While social media bring in low engagement due to uninterested content in the news feed, Memes can be much successful. Memes share something of value to the audience. They provide entertainment and content at the same time.

Because of entertainment value, it is easier to get hold in the mind of audiences.


Will you see a hilarious meme about MacDonald or you will read 500 words blog?

Without a second thought, the answer is clear.

Entertainment over information, it is the same for every audience.

We have discussed well about memes and marketing.

How to Do Meme Marketing

Well, let’s dig in the question of how to do meme marketing.

It is clear that memes work.

You can use existing memes or you can make your own.

Create your own memes

Creating memes on your own is hard work, but you know your product or service the most. Creating a meme specifically for your marketing is always good. It is daunting but it is not impossible. You have to make sure that you are playing the cards right.

Recently Barkbox created the memes in action.

Barkbox is a subscription service for dog treats and toys.

They wanted to increase their social media appearance, so they used animal-related memes as the Instagram posts.

These types of memes are relatable and humorous for all the animal lovers in the world. So, they are most likely shared thousands of times (regardless of whether or not users followers of the brand itself)

Memes in Marketing Barkbox - What is Meme Marketing & How You Can Use Them?

Existing Memes

However, existing memes are not specific to your brand, but they can be relatable. The content should be funny, fully understandable before you use it to confirm it.

Pointers of Meme Marketing

So, now when you are going to step in meme marketing, get some pointers in mind, which you have to consider.

Be Relatable:

Nobody watches the content, which is off the board. Be maximumly relatable to people. Make sure that maximum people understand your memes.

Be an inhabitant:

Writing and sharing memes for your brand is difficult. Make sure your memes are on point. If you don’t get it right, then the audience will pick up immediately that you are trying too hard and that will demolish your marketing.

Consider timing

Just keep up with timing memes, circulate and then they are often forgotten. Use the memes, which are currently viral so, that the audiences can immediately pick up and related.

Everyone loves a good meme. Right? It doesn’t matter to which age group you belong to. Memes are the new trending form of marketing. If you follow the rules and get it through, then your marketing campaign is a success. Take advantage of new trends.

Memes are tried and true marketing style.