Why SMBs Fail With Facebook Ads and how to fix them

Facebook Ads - Why SMBs Fail With Facebook Ads and how to fix them


Well, we all are well aware of this social media website, which can do wonders for your business.

Facebook is home for almost 2.2 billion active daily users.  From adults to children and from professionals to students, everyone uses Facebook.

You see, the population on Facebook is massive.

No, wonder why all businesses want to use this platform to promote their business.

Well, if you belong to a brand then posting on Facebook alone is not enough for you. You need to spend money at your efforts to drive people on your Facebook page and then send them to your website.

Note that it only works when you are smart about it.

Studies show that 62% of small businesses report that their paid Facebook Ads are failing.

Well, if this is the case, no one wants to spend on the Ads, which don’t work.

There is always a reason for failing Ads.

Luckily, there is always a way to fix problems.

After reading this blog, you would not be the part of that 62%.

Let’s look at the bigger picture, and understand the reasons and how to fix them.

Problem is not Facebook Ads, it’s how you do it

When you look at the stats, 96% of B2C marketers use social media platforms for their marketing.

This makes only 4% who don’t.

The B2C marketers who use social media platforms, 97% of them use Facebook for marketing.

You may assume, if everyone is doing it, it must work. Right?

Where Facebook marketing is successful for the majority of businesses, small businesses struggle for success.

According to a survey, 50% of small businesses feel that they are not getting a positive return on investment on Facebook ads.

The question is, what small businesses are doing wrong?

Let’s answer the questions with possible factors that are causing the failure of Facebook Ads.

Factor #1- No Strategy or Plan

Well, I know that the owner of small businesses has to wear many hats, and you have limited time.

I will walk you through the specific areas where small businesses can fail with Facebook Ads and how you can fix them.

The biggest mistake you may be making would be, you don’t have a proper strategy or plan for your Facebook Ads.

You would have the potential to grow, but if you don’t have a clear direction then it is impossible to get the outcome you require. Consider Facebook as a new tool, each business uses it in different ways.

Figure out your goal, it can be

  • Brand Awareness
  • New customers
  • Getting Leads
  • Increase Website Traffic
  • Improve customer retention
  • Increase conversions

Whatever your goal is, you have to devise a strategy accordingly.

Figure out whether the paid promotions are worth it, according to your goals.

For example, if your company’s goal is to increase conversions, so keep in mind that on average the conversion rate through Facebook is only 9.21%.

If you expect Facebook to provide 50% conversion rates then you are on the wrong track.

This being said Facebook produces the best ROI of all social media platforms.

To know how your plan is working, keep testing it continuously.

You need to test different offers and select one, which works best for your business.

Factor #2- Lack of Time Spent

Well, you know what’s most important to advertise your business, its patience, and hard work.

Talking about Facebook ads, you need to spend time to get your ads going.

About 3.3 million items are shared on Facebook every minute.

Now you see the competition, and reason to spend more time on Facebook ads.

In a lot of noise, your Facebook ads will be lost; simply there is so much volume.

According to a survey, successful social media marketers publish 8 times per day on their facebook page.

If you are inactive on Facebook, then you can imagine how quickly your ads can get lost under the pile.

According to Statistics 75% of engagement, which you get, is within the first 5 hours.

This is pretty clear, that if you are not posting on a daily basis you are history the next day.

Where there are 60 million businesses using Facebook pages and 4 million are actively posting on their page, a stale business page can hurt you.

Let me tell you the other side of the picture, that if you post a lot of content on your facebook page then, people will start tuning you out.

The question is, what’s the right frequency?

Well, you can aim for 3 to 8 ad appearances per person over the life of your ad.

Factor #3- Lack of Money Spent

Weebly conducted a survey of small business owners, and they got to know the 82% spend less than $50 on the Facebook ad, and more than half didn’t buy the Facebook ads at all.

In comparison to successful B2C marketers, they spend 26% of the entire marketing budget on content marketing.

Well, compared to $50, I’m sure there 26% is much more than it.

Many businesses don’t want to spend on paid ads, well I get it, they don’t want to spend on ads when they don’t know they will work or not.

Well, the good side of the picture is you can get to know what will work by the organic engagement. If any of your posts are creating a lot of organic engagement, then it is nice to turn it into a paid ad.

Social media has become pay to play arena. So, you have to work with paying for Facebook ads.

 Factor #4- You are not targeting the right Audience

If you want your Facebook Ads to work, make sure that you are targeting the right audience.

If a viewer is not interested in your product how will they click on your ads?

Explore your audience and deliver Facebook ads only to people who most likely want what you offer.

You need only one or two interests and behaviors at a time. Don’t go wide as it will require more money which will not convert well.

Get the right message to the right audience with Facebook ads rather than blast everyone with one message.

Factor #5- Don’t invest in cold sales

If you try hard to sell your product to a cold audience then it is of no use.

Focus on benefiting your consumers before you ask them for anything.

Remember the sales funnel, using social media, you have to build the trust of the customers before you push in any type of sales.

Facebook is good for retargeting; it is 4x times likely to covert.

People know about your brand, so it is not a cold sale anymore.

Build trust and pitch in your sales.

Factor #6- Facebook is a business

Though it seems that Facebook is a free place to hand out and socialize, but it’s not.

Remember that Facebook is a business.

Some small businesses distrust facebook right at the beginning of an Ad campaign.

Just like any other business partnership, Facebook will return out of it if you invest in it.

Let’s understand with an example:

Design Pickle offers unlimited graphics requests.

You can check their ad

This ad alone generates almost $6,000 in revenue monthly.

Well, how it happened?

Design Pickle is smart; they used this ad to target highly qualified leads.

This generated 500 leads, and 30 of them turned into subscribers of $200 per month service.

The Facebook Ads result in an amazing 633% ROI.

It’s amazing. Right?

If you want the same success for you, then you have to change your viewpoint.

You have to invest the time, money to get an amazing return.

The more you invest, the more you get profit.


If you don’t want to be the part of two-thirds of small businesses that are failing with Facebook Ads.

Remember that Facebook is a business and Facebook Ads work.

If done correctly, Facebook gives proven results.

Facebook Ads is not the problem, its how you approaching Facebook.

Keep up a business partnership with Facebook.

Make a strategy; invest time and money if you want results.