PPC advertising is the single fastest strategy to grow leads and sales FAST! However, it can be hard to make profitable due to the high level of competition online. That’s why we don’t just optimise your PPC campaigns. We build high-converting landing pages to optimise your conversion rate and skyrocket profits from your PPC advertising.

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PPC your way to bigger sales

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is the fastest way to generate leads and sales for your business. It allows you to target ‘wallet out’ ready-to-buy customers that are in hunt mode for your product or service. If you aren’t investing in Google AdWords or other PPC platforms, you are missing out on sales – and giving market share to your competitors.


optimise for conversion not clicks

You may have run Google Adwords in the past and were left saying “Google AdWords doesn’t work for our business”. If this sounds familiar, the chances are you were either managing them yourself and burning cash – due to a lack of know-how – or had an amateur agency running it that simply looked at clicks and traffic, rather than conversions.

How are we different? We don’t just optimise your PPC campaigns for clicks, we also optimise your website conversion rate to ensure we’re converting as many browsers into buyer as possible – squeezing every last drop of value from your campaign, to make PPC profitable for your business.


Getting PPC to be profitable can be hard work if you don’t have the know-how or experience. If you have set up your campaign yourself, to dip your toe in the water and give Google AdWords a go, it’s likely you are bidding on irrelevant and costly keywords – that are simply burning your budget quicker than a crop fire! Or, if you have a PPC agency running it for you – it’s likely they are simply focusing on clicks and traffic,however you can’t take those to the bank. Where we’re different is we focus on conversions and revenue. Our strategy is to create you a standalone, high-converting landing page to send your PPC traffic to. Using direct-response copywriting and design to ensure this hard working landing page is generating you as many leads and sales as possible.


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Digitally Up is more than just a marketing company; we are a well-reputed creative thinking agency in Australia. There is a big difference between us and other digital marketing companies. We understand that each brand needs its own specific direction, personal attention, and marketing strategy. In addition, we initiate the process with strong branding, then make an efficient marketing blueprint that places your business where it should be for optimal growth and return on investment.
It’s difficult to compete against big and established companies.

But, our professional SEO Adelaide experts at Digitally Up go beyond the limits to help you crush your competitors.
We not only work on increasing traffic to your site but also focus our energies on creating leads, sales, and converting a random visitor into a customer.
Our digital experts dedicate their time and effort in figuring out minute details about your business and customers. We carefully study and analyze your brand from every angle, and then come up with the right solution that will take your business to the next level.

Frequently Asked Questions

To help you make the most-informed decision, here are common questions customers ask us.

It’s quite difficult to get your website on the first page for search results. PPC marketing approach allows you to reach high quality leads when people are looking to buy your products. It’s one of the highly effective ways that bring interested buyers to your website. With PPC, your site will not only get central attention, but it would be displayed on the top for customers who are looking specifically for your services and product. The PPC ads are more attention-grabbing and affordable for small and large business as compared to other mediums of advertising. The technique is more scalable, measurable, flexible and faster than SEO.

The costs of PPC ads vary. You can set your own monthly budget and can be as flexible as you want while setting the CPC for the required keywords. Our PPC experts will help you set a daily or monthly budget that would work well for your business. We can help you determine the right CPC, ROI, and cost per conversion. By using that information, you can easily determine when the ads will be displayed, and you will only pay each time when the ad is clicked.

Your PPC ads will appear on different popular platforms which mainly include Google search network, Google display network, and Google partner network. We believe that not every platform is suitable for every business, our professionals will help you determine the right platform so that you can reach your prospects in a cost-effective way.

Once your campaign is set up and ready to go, we will process it through a review process which doesn’t take more than one hour. Once it will clear the review process, your campaign will be live, and you will start getting immediate traffic to your website. Within the very first week, we conduct A/B testing to determine your conversion goal and after that you will start driving hundreds of clicks and leads. In case if your campaign is not working, we will create another strategy suitable according to your business requirements.

Unlike others, our team will not lock you into a contract. You can test this out on a monthly basis. If the campaign is not working, and you are least satisfied with the results and efforts, you can quit the campaign anytime. We provide flat-rate pricing, one-time setup fee, and an affordable monthly management fee.

When we create a PPC ad for you, we will research a proper set of keywords that can trigger the ad to appear on search results based on some popular searches. Keyword research can make or break your campaign, that’s why we are focused to create a wise strategy for selecting the right keywords. We utilize different techniques and tools to implement the best keywords for your ad.