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…drive maximum online visibility

Pro-tip; most of the SEO companies out there apply short cut and even wrong techniques to grow your conversions and sales. They merely focus on high rankings, and revenue goes right out the window. Yes, traffic generation and high rankings do matter a lot, but if your visitors aren’t converting into actual dollars, what good is it? But at professional SEO agencies like Digitally Up, we focus on generating revenue and scoring a maximum profit.

SEO Agency Adelaide
SEO Agency Adelaide


…drive maximum online visibility

Pro-tip; most of the SEO companies out there apply short cut and even wrong techniques to grow your conversions and sales. They merely focus on high rankings, and revenue goes right out the window. Yes, traffic generation and high rankings do matter a lot, but if your visitors aren’t converting into actual dollars, what good is it? But at professional SEO agencies like Digitally Up, we focus on generating revenue and scoring a maximum profit.

Website Audit for SEO


…we perform extensive audits

To provide solutions that meet your business requirements and goals, we first need to carefully evaluate your business and website, etc. Secondly, we need to study your SEO requirements and social media strategy. undertaking an extensive website audit that reveals in-depth details, we are able to achieve a complete assessment. Once our research is done, we uncover actionable procedures and theories to rank your website.


Beat your competitors with killing SEO tactics

Link building, on-site SEO, outreach, Penalty Recovery, and certain other technical SEO practices are capable of boosting your rankings in a very short period of time. Technical SEO is the most important aspect of our services. So, without diving headfirst into a sea of useless marketing activities and drowning your investment, double-check that your website is technically SEO efficiently prepared. We can help you do that for you and ensure proper recognition for your brand.


Our team of SEO veterans doesn’t rush in to finding a myriad of keywords or rush to conclusions to implement some worn-out SEO practices. Since our ideology is to believe that every business has its individual personality and has a uniqueness of its own, we adopt the using custom SEO approaches in campaigns and take the following steps to guarantee that you stay a step ahead of your competition.


First of all, our team of professionals at SEO Canberra makes sure that it has a proper understanding of your goals and business requirements. Once we have a proper picture of the risks and opportunities involved, we carefully plan our first step since we have a better idea about when to start the campaign. Furthermore, our inspection process includes different steps including competitive analysis, keyword research, situation analysis, on-site link analysis, and situation analysis.


Best SEO strategies are pretty self-explanatory; a good SEO strategy would tell you what the plan is, how it is going to be executed and when would it be carried out. Yet, we explore multiple strategies to make sure you stay ahead of your competition. Our team of SEO experts verifies that the execution is appropriate and effective. URL to phrase matching, canonical setup and internalization, external and internal linking, Google webmaster tools and content marketing are the different strategies we use to make a business stand out.


Once our SEO team is done with research, observation, and analysis, it comes with a solid strategy. subsequently, our core focus then shifts to bringing the ideas into reality. To achieve jaw-dropping results, our specialists imply different groundbreaking ideas. We also provide highly insightful online reports that will provide you with 24-hour monitoring of your SEO campaign’s progress.


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Take control of your website marketing today!

Mediocre is the worst way we want Digitally Up to be described as. We yearn and take pride in being known as a perfect extension of our client’s sales and marketing team.

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Why You Need SEO?

The thing isn’t about getting new customers, it’s about creating a system that brings in new customers on its own. Traditionally speaking, there are two options for business growth. The first one is spending tons of money on advertising that too with a risk of potentially cheapening your brand with paid ads. Furthermore, you might even end up attracting the wrong customer base. The second one is hiring an employee. It is easily understandable how expensive can that be. Although, there is a third lesser-known option: hire the most efficient salesperson of the world- your website. Did you know that more than 70 percent of search engine browsers tend to click on organic listings instead of the ads at the very top of the page? Digitally Up is a specialist when it comes to creating digital marketing campaigns for small companies and enterprise businesses alike, and it revolves around organic traffic from Google’s search engine. Furthermore, Digitally Up can also assist you with web design, social media management, video production, graphic design, market consultancy, and PPC advertising.

Search engine optimization is necessary for new visitors on a website. Every new visitor is a new opportunity for a new customer. Local SEO has become crucial for businesses for at least 72 percent of local searchers on Google end up visiting a business within a vicinity of 5 miles within the 72-hour period of their search. Statistics like this make it impossible to ignore the capability of the search engines as Google ranks as number 1 on Alexa rank for website usability.

Local SEO

Local SEO has a close relation to Google maps. If you make it to the three-pack of google maps, you are sure to get a significant amount of phone calls in Canberra. This is because 33 percent of the clicks of Google search go directly to maps results. Once your map listing is viewed by a customer, you are most likely to be contacted as a result. Once they contact you, they are more probable to purchase a product you are selling or subscribe to a service you offer.

Crush your competitors

The team of experts at Digitally Up come well equipped to ensure you outrank your competition not only in search engine but also in overall paid media space. By adhering to Google’s algorithm, our extensively experienced team of experts helps you compete in the market for search optimization.

Frequently asked questions

To help you make the most-informed decision, here are common questions customers ask us.

How long does it take to rank?

Rankings rely on keyword difficulty, a score based on 0-100. This score determines a market’s competition. If your business is aiming for a keyword of let’s suppose score of 80, it would take a longer time to rank than it would take to rank a keyword with a KD of 9. The best you can do is contact us to perceive our methodology to ranking your keywords in particular.

How does your pricing work?

Our pricing is hour based; based on the sum of hours it takes to get the keyword placement right. This is directly proportional to the keyword difficulty that has a direct influence on SEO rankings. For instance, a keyword like “SEO Canberra” would be expensive than a smaller keyword such as Canberra SEO Marketing agency. This is for the reason because keywords with more competition are difficult to rank thus take more time and production as compared to a keyword with lower difficulty.

Will you put me in a contract?

Once you contact SEO Canberra, our team will immediately conduct an audit of your performance on an organic search basis. Based on what pops up in front of our team, a scope of work will be laid out for you to view that will outline the budget and time needed to rank your keywords. Usually, we make sure to engage our client in an agreement for SEO is not a one month and done solution. The only time when we do not make use of contracts is when there is a one-time optimization operation for a given website.

Whats your approach for SEO?

Our approach differs from business type to business type. But regardless of your business type, we get the job done by keeping our focus maintained on the creation of high-quality content, website speed, creation of click-worthy title tags, meta tags, image alt tags, and having link-worthy content. with these suggestions, we are confident that you’ll get to see positive movements no matter what of your field is.

Do I pick the keywords?

When launching an SEO campaign, we always ask you what keywords you want to be ranked, so it is all on you. Once the list of keywords is set, we can look for other keywords that fit in well with your brand authority. Targeting keywords is about what the user is trying to look for when they make a search. We can also make full use of several tools to look for keywords that have appeared the most in your local area or a specific area, or even the whole world.

Will you write the content?

Of course, if you do not have existing content on your website or if it is poorly written or insufficient, we will write SEO optimized content for your website. Using a team of skilled Content writers, we will create content that would act as a platform to represent your brand’s true identity and what it stands for. We are especially resourceful at writing articles that can be anywhere between 100 to 10000 words, as per your requirement, all in effort to ensure the ranking of a specific keyword. If there is already some content available on your website, we will optimize it to make sure it gets impressions in the search.

Why choose


Digitally Up is not only a digital marketing company, but we are also an admirable creative agency in Canberra, Australia, and our reputation speaks for us. The biggest characteristic that differentiates us from other companies is our ability to understand that each brand has its own uniqueness and needs a specific direction, marketing strategy, and personal attention. Furthermore, we commence the campaign with strong branding, then create an effective marketing outline that positions your brand where it should be for optimum development and return on investment.

It is hard to compete against well established and big businesses but our team at Digitally Up pushes beyond limits to help you not only meet your challenges but take them head-on! Our main focus isn’t just about increasing traffic to your site, but also to generate leads, sales, and conversions of random visitors to customers that buy your products or subscribes to your services. Digital experts at Canberra SEO put their backs into figuring out minute details about your business and customers. After careful analysis and study of your brand from different angles, we formulate a solution that is sure to propel your business to the stars!

Schedule your no obligation SEO audit worth $1,000 for free

If you can’t get people to visit your business’s website, it is as good as offline. There are tons of strategies out there that you can use to garner website traffic, Search Engine Optimization being the most effective one. It improves the Google rankings of your website’s pages excluding those who click on an ad to get to your website (if you run Google AdWords campaigns). Simply said, your website’s position would improve on Google’s SERPs results.

This better position would bring in more organic traffic; this type of traffic is composed of the visitors that make their way to the website through Google search.

So how to improve your SEO ranking? Take an audit of your website.

What you'll get in this free audit?

Assessment of Your Current Website: We will assess the current position of your website on google and how much traffic you are losing to your competition

Identifying the competitors stealing from you: The next step is identifying your potential rivals of the field and assessing the amount of revenue you are losing to your competitors. Plus, we will figure out how to enter the race again.  

SEO Strategies to implement: We’ll come up with a foolproof plan that is already well-tested by hundreds of our prior customers and mold it according to your requirements. This plan would flood you with leads and ensure your ranking on Google’s first page.

You’ll be getting the same SEO audit & analysis which has helped our clients in skyrocketing their leads

Nevertheless, this SEO audit is not for everyone, only for those looking forward to investing in scalable SEO growth, designed for the long-term success of the business.

If the number of current leads generated is enough for you, you clearly do not need this audit. Although if you are looking for business expansion, take the audit and watch yourself grow!

By simply clicking on the button below, you can book your audit and let us know the best way to connect to us. From then onwards, we will give you a call to commence with the initial stage development for your business growth.

Be ready to see your mind blown away by understanding the amount of potential that is hidden in your business.


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